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The Bookshop Detectives Live!

Thursday 22 August, 5:30 - 7:00pm

Poppies Hamilton, Casabella Lane

Free Event, registration required,

refreshments served.

The Bookshop Detectives Live! – an interrogation with Gareth and Louise Ward

The Bookshop Detectives: Dead Girl Gone is the first novel in a cosy crime series based around the fictional bookshop of Sherlock Tomes in Havelock North, run by Garth and Eloise Sherlock, ex-coppers and lynch pins of their local community.

In real life, authors Gareth and Louise Ward run Wardini Books in, you guessed it, Havelock North. They are indeed ex-coppers with great work stories.

In this session, Gareth and Louise will interrogate each other on their writing life, bookshop life, policing life and the plot of Dead Girl Gone (no spoilers). The audience will also get to interrogate them and solve a mystery through the ingenious device of clues left about the beautiful environs of Poppies Hamilton.

Join us for an interactive evening of true tall tales and fictional fables in the warmest, most inspiring place in the world: a bookshop.

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