21 AUGUST 6:00-9:00PM



Ever wanted to time travel with your fiction writing, to feel the grit of the streets of yester-year under the souls of your boots or experience what life was like in another place, another time? 

During this workshop, Rosetta Allan will lead you through some fun and engaging writing exercises that will explore the comfortable place of memory first, then gently guide you into the world of the unknown of times and places we haven’t inhabited, but places we may know more about than we are aware of.

You’ll learn how to make a character feel real through the use of dialogue and body language, what’s said, and more importantly, what’s not said. Play with scene and mood building through the use of descriptive language, and engage the senses for a full immersive reader experience of your work. There will be time enough for the sharing of work written within the session for those who feel courageous enough to do so.


There's a $25 charge and the workshop location will be given once registration is confirmed. Email hamiltonbookmonth@gmail.com to register.


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